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Seeking furniture movers in West Hollywood and the L.A. metro area? Furniture can be difficult to move without the proper tools and materials. The pieces are often large, oddly shaped, or unusually fragile. Professional workers in our company make transportation of your goods totally hassle-free. When it arrives on time, there will be no scratches, shattered glass, broken pieces, or bad surprises.

We are stocked with custom moving equipment and well-staffed to handle even the most challenging jobs.

Furniture Movers

The Best Furniture Packaging And Shipping Service

When we arrive at a client’s home, we come prepared with straps, dollies, and household appliances wrapping material. To protect your wooden furniture, we first envelop it fully in a padded wrapping. We will secure all your opening drawers closed before attempting to move the pieces they belong to. Our experts will also prepare your walls, railings and counter corners with special covers to avoid scratches and nicks. Here is an overview of some of our tools and techniques that protect your valuable home furnishings.

    • Furniture slides: These help us slide heavy pieces across your carpet or even wooden floors without marking them up in any way.
    • Ramps: Ramps help us load the larger and more awkward furniture and boxes up into our truck without these tilting back and falling.
    • Dollies: Dollies are the preferred method of transporting refrigerators, laundry appliances, large rectangular, upright cabinets and some boxes.
    • Transit Blankets and Protective Plastic: We wrap these around your items that are prone to scratching and tearing.
    • Chair and Sofa L Technique: When bringing couches, armchairs or dining room chairs around corners, we never force them through. This is to avoid squishing the soft padding or scratching the leather exterior. Instead, we work with the design of these items, and turn the concave side of the chair, where the seat is, around corners to get the item through door frames.
    • Straps: Straps help to distribute the weight of the item that our staff are carrying properly, making the job easier and safer. Straps that loop around the technician’s forearms can also help keep one’s hands-free to guide objects while lifting or carrying them horizontally.
    • And More…

Contact the most trustworthy furniture movers Los Angeles by calling our 1 (323) 413 5526 or getting a hold of us by email.

We offer great quality relocation services for the entire Los Angeles and long distance delivery. Our trained and background checked workers will take care of any kind shipping or a single item delivery. If you are looking to deliver a table, a desk, a sofa or some antique furniture we will provide you with the best quality at an affordable price. The process starts when you give us a call to explain what needs to be done. We can also provide you with an in-home estimate.

After getting all details like what you moving-studio apartment or a house then we go over the items that needed to be transported. We love to get the detailed list of your items like a bed, couch, dresser or any other furniture so we can offer to you the best hourly or flat rate.

You don’t need to rent a truck or pay a minimum amount of hours to other companies. Contact us, we love small moves. (a single item, bed, bookcase, chair, couch, desk, sofa, table, cabinet, chest, commode, counter, cupboard, dresser, etc.) When you schedule an appointment with us you are not only keeping your back safe but saving time and money at the same time!

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