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Local Movers Los Angeles

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If you are looking for the best local moving company in the Southern California area, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on effortless, cheap, and stress-free moves that you can feel secure about. We offer services to residents of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and more.

Moving even a few zip codes away from the place you call home can be a great source of anxiety, as your personal belongings and the memories associated with them are being handled and relocated. You can rest assured that with our professionally trained, experienced team members, your items are in safe hands.

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Moving Across Town

The traditional local moving customer contracts our services to simply move from one part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area to another. A move like this may seem simple enough to hande on your own if you have a large van or truck, but running your vehicle back and forth between the old and new homes in Los Angeles traffic will steal many hours of your life and cost a great deal of frustration.

Even if you get a U Haul and move everything in one go, it can still be challenging to load everything from your home unto the large moving truck, and then haul it out to move it into your new space. Some jobs just require the professionals. If you have such a job for us, we are prepared to assist you in your move.

We are local movers Los Angeles and we are here to provide excellent service to you!

Local Moving from one Apartment to Another

Perhaps a better apartment or townhouse opened up in your building or in the same complex. Now, you need help to move your belongings there. The distance may be small, but moving is always a big feat–too big for anyone to handle alone. While this kind of move may not require a large truck for transport, you still deserve the service of a local moving company on your side. For a job like this, our crew will simply wrap up your furniture, load up your boxes on dollies and slides–and bring them on over just a few doors down or across the street.

Ultra-Local: Moving Furniture in Your Existing Home

Many people are looking for the manpower to simply move their bulky couches or heavy armoires and desks from one room or level of their homes to another. While some home rearranging can be safely done by the homeowner, many of these jobs require several people or special equipment. Max Power Movers would be thrilled to help you do this kind of local moving within your home or property.

We treat our customers like family, aiming to provide the easiest and happiest experience during the packing and moving process. We guarantee that with our team’s willingness to put your needs first, your items will arrive at their new destination safely and on time.

Please contact us by phone by calling 1 (323) 413 5526. You can also reach us electronically for your local moving needs.

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