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San Francisco is a fun city for all ages. Known for its all year round fog, people still love this city and there are tons of things to do besides visiting famous Golden gates bridge and Alcatraz. More than 150.000 thousand people move from Los Angeles to San Francisco each year. And, when the time comes to choose moving company for your relocation, we are happy to offer our services and tell you a little bit about moving from LA to Northern California. Not every moving company can handle it and here is why. Knowing its challenges like steep hills and road conditions we are making sure to bring the right equipment for each move. Movers will face the first challenge already on its way to. Coming from Los Angeles, just pass Santa Clarita there is Castaic Mountain- is a good challenge to test your breaks and they better be good. Each month several trucks getting into accidents because of the long and steep decline.

Luckily we know how to handle our favorite national park zone and always take it seriously.We always checking weather conditions, truck breaks and making sure we possess furniture in the truck in the right way so it does not dis-balance the weight of the truck. This is one of the reasons, why rookie moving companies cant take this trip. Regardless which part of SF you are moving to – South, North or East you will face several bridges and some of them are not for the trucks. We have been all over the city of San Francisco, California and know which bridges are good for the trucks and which we cant use. And still, when we plan the trip we would double check on it again to choose the best route. We love to be prepared, only then we can guarantee 100% success in your relocation.

Usually, we load your possessions in the truck the day before the move and leave the next day. Most of the time, we arrive in SF, CA in the afternoon between 12 – 4 pm. We are very flexible and can make any arrangements on your delivery window. At the destination, we secure a truck with wheel stoppers just be on a safe side. We have seen much moving truck sliding down the steep San Francisco heels.

And we use the best and newest tools and dollies to ensure the proper way of moving on the hills.
We also offer same day moving from LA to SF and to Northern California when you move studio or one bedroom apartment. Or just a few items. In this case, we have to be at your place pretty early, between 6 and 7 am. The earlier is better, to make sure we have enough time to pack and wrap your furniture into blankets, secure everything in the truck and head 5 freeway before traffic starts.

We offer the best rates possible for whatever needs to be moved or delivered to San Francisco, Sacramento, and Northern California. Why? Because we have our warehouse in San Jose, CA which means we won’t go back to LA empty and will cover our gas and salary costs so we won’t charge you any fees to come back. Basically, you will be paying one way only! When other movers will have to charge you for both ways. Prices start as low as $499 and go up depending on the amount of furniture that you trying to move. You can always give us a call or email, or just come into the office to meet our team and provide details of your move for your quote. Regardless what you moving – your belongings always insured and its included in the price. We don’t have any hidden fees and you will know up front what you paying for. Most of the time it will be a flat rate (fix price for your move) where you know that you don’t have to worry about time in traffic, loading and unloading time. It always will be one price what you know in advance. This is just one of many reasons we are considered one of the best movers Los Angeles to San Francisco to this day!

Also, feel free to contact us for a FREE -in-home estimate and one of our representatives will come to your place and will provide you with the quote. We hope, that few months or maybe years later, you will remember us as a successful beginning part of your journey.

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