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Finding a reliable moving company is not easy. The process of moving is usually a cumbersome one with a lot of factors to be considered. This is the reason why the choice of the moving company is more vital than anything else. You need to choose a company that is entirely professional, has enough experience and has a good reputation. If you are looking for movers Burbank CA, we are the most preferred company. Our reputation proceeds us. The Entire Max Power Movers team is highly efficient and well coordinated through top class management. We facilitate moving within and without Burbank and the entire LA. If you are in need of the most preferred LA movers, let us take charge of your relocation needs.

We specialize in three key services:

Residential Moving

If you are looking for the best Burbank Residential Movers, look no more. Our residential moving services are done with utmost care to ensure that none of your fragile commodities is damaged. We take charge of the entire process so that you can just relax and wait. Our residential moving team is specifically trained for that purpose. Through our one decade existence, we have gathered all the necessary experience. We know how to pack your households without causing damage. We provide all the tools necessary to ensure that your households are transported in the safest way possible. Most importantly, we are the most affordable movers with exceptional services.

Commercial Moving

Do you wish to relocate your business, office or move merchandise within Burbank? Let us handle it for you. We have a team that is trained in handling commercial products. We follow strict guidelines when relocating your office or your physical store. Your office is an orderly environment that requires care and precision. We have a system that ensures that all your files, office equipment, and office data are not tampered with. We specialize in moving commercial merchandise as well as heavy duty goods. we provide the perfect packaging and transportation at the most affordable rate. For all your commercial needs, we are the number one moving company. Give us a call and let us attend to your need.

Long Distance Transportation

Our services are not confined within the borders of Burbank. We facilitate  moving to and from the entire state of California. We have special long distance moving vehicles that can handle a journey of any given time. You can call us for inquiries. (Should you need permits for truck parking, please check this info).  Whether you want to move something that is outside Burbank or goods that are within to a different region, we are willing to help you.


Want to learn more about our moving company in Los Angeles? We are among the first movers in Burbank established over a decade ago. We are the most preferred because of our low rates, quality work, and quick response time. We have the best response time within Burbank. Our main vision is to remain the best movers for as long as possible. Give us a call today and we will send a representative. We will assess the goods to be moved and give you a quote. Our charges are all inclusive with no hidden costs.

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