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If you’re thinking of moving your office but find yourself overwhelmed, let us take the stress out of your success. If you have outgrown your current office building, your hard work is paying off and you likely have important clients, customers, and employee matters to attend to. Do not waste your time fretting over the overwhelming process of a facility move. We will handle the logistics of your move while you continue business as usual.

We Won’t Let Your Business Productivity Sink

By letting us help you, you’re allowing yourself more time to continue doing what matters most –building your client relationships and growing your business. A move should not interfere with the day to day operations of a business that is your livelihood. A truly professional company will seek to make the relocation experience as efficient and unobtrusive as possible.

Business Transportation Experts Are Here To Help

When you initiate a commercial business move with us, we will come to your location to give you a quote, and should you choose us, we will schedule to dispatch a team to your business on the day most suitable for you. We will gladly come at a time that will not disturb your business to pack everything up to your specifications.

Our office movers are experienced with properly packing and shipping expensive and fragile computing equipment, other tech pieces and heavy file cabinets. Rest assured that all computer equipment and other technology will be packed and carried to specific guidelines, which ensure that none of these expensive and valuable items are harmed in the process.

Business moving out of California? Even if you choose to move your business to another city or state, we are fully prepared to do this with our long-distance moving service. All your equipment will be carefully packed in a dedicated truck and driven to your new location. Upon arrival, we will unpack all your belongings at your new facility.

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New business location?
We are specializing in commercial relocation services in Los Angeles. As a business, we understand the importance of keeping the word and providing 100% promised results. That’s how we build a reputation and as a business, we know reputation = money.

Our company will take care of any kind of commercial move. Our Insurance has general 5000000 liability and we can add you as a certificate holder. Just contact our Representative for the details!

Moving your restaurant?
We also offer relocation services to restaurants. Our specially trained guys know how to handle any kind of heavy baking equipment up to moving commercial washing machines or any kind of big pieces of furniture.

We have moved many pizza and sushi restaurants which are well known in Los Angeles. For referrals or to get a quote on moving your restaurant equipment just give us a call to speak with our friendly representatives.

Need to move Gym equipment?
We are taking the most complicated moves and we know what we are doing. Relocating Gym equipment requires experience in lifting heavy parts of machines, carefully avoiding all walls and corners on the way out to the truck and carefully loading them in the truck using the lift gate. Our lift gates have up to 5000 pounds of force which allows us to take care of any kind of gym machine.

The difficulty of moving gym equipment is coming from Disassembly the machines, which requires training and experience of the movers. Placing the little details in the right order at the loading so it can be assembled at the destination. The most common problem of relocation gym or restaurant equipment comes from losing little parts during the transportation. We always make sure that your machines, desk or chair will be dissembled, wrapped, all small details packed so we won’t have any trouble of putting them together in your new place.

For any large amount of equipment or warehouse /restaurant relocation, we have to do in-home estimate so we can give you our best quote.

Team of professional commercial movers Los Angeles is always ready to help!

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