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So, you are moving to Santa Monica? Did the unique personality of the city with gorgeous beaches, endless coastlines and the most romantic sunsets at the pier catch your eyes as it did ours? Or a Job opportunity knocked on the door? Or maybe top-rated schools for your kids attracted you? We are assuming, yes. We understand that along with your excitement to move to your new home, you get confused and stressful feelings of how to make your transition as easy as possible.

How are you going to manage it the most efficient way? So we are here to support you along the way. Luckily we became familiar with the Santa Monica area over years of experience in moving customers into their new homes. We know the challenges that can face us, so we are always prepared to adjust accordingly. Nearly every move is into an apartment, so elevators are our big helpers and even if there are only stairs our professional crew is trained with methods to ease the move. You are at the place to be, once you see you are in good hands and the move is a success, you can have drinks in one of the hip bars near you and finally relax. Although parking is challenging, we love the eco-friendly environment, the city created. The city does not only improve the well-being of their people but let them also participate and integrate. It wants to create a community of happy people. This is our goal, happy customers.

We are Listeners and Advisors. Let us know how you would like your move to be done. Let us accompany you and give you tips to ease the process. Keeping a friendly and qualitative environment is regardless of your budget. Moving can take long hours, it needs planning and if you are just by yourself or with kids, it can be too overwhelming. Let us assemble/disassemble, pack/ unpack, wrap your items. Your furniture is in good hands and they are as valuable for us as for you. You might have had previous experience with moving or this might be your first. Either or, moving is different and specific every time. We want you to have a good start and focus on yourself. We are here to take that burden off your shoulder. Sometimes our daily life seems to be very chaotic and filled with a lot of responsibilities, we are humans and we do not have always an overview of everything.

Since we understand that, our information, prices, and work are transparent. Honest and disciplined work ethics are our key to grow. Not only our customers appreciate that, but also our crew is motivated by that, which is the reason we are considered one of the best Santa Monica movers. Heaving a healthy and fair treated crew environment make a move not seem like a job, but instead like an adventure. Who are we going to meet next? Which personalities are behind the next move? So you might have similar questions, which you only can get an answer for when you meet us. And maybe one day in one of your meet-Ups you will mention us as part of your adventure.

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