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Local Moving

We provide local moving services in Los Angeles and the cities of California. Whether it be home, office or other moving need, we can handle it with confidence.

Long Distance Moving

In case you are moving your home or other facilities like an office or business from one city to another, we are here for you.

Celebrity & Production Moves

We know that in some cases extra confidentiality is required. When a client is a public figure or the assets to be moved have to be protected from unwanted public exposure, we know the drill.

House Moving

Homes are storehouses of memories and happy moments, so we understand that moving house is accompanied by bitter-sweet emotions. Let us take the hardest parts out of this process by ensuring the safe move of your belongings and let you spend more time with your loved ones.

Office Movers

If you’re thinking of moving your office but find yourself overwhelmed, let us take the stress out of your success. If you have outgrown your current office building, your hard work is paying off and you likely have clients, customers, and employee matters to attend to. Max Power Movers will handle the logistics of your move while you continue business as usual.

Furniture Movers

Seeking furniture movers in West Hollywood and the L.A. metro area? Furniture can be difficult to move without the proper tools and materials. The pieces are often large, oddly shaped, or unusually fragile. Professional furniture movers at Max Power Movers make moving your furniture totally hassle-free. When it arrives on time, there will be no scratches, shattered glass, broken pieces, or bad surprises.


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